What Colouring is produced in your litters?
We produce tri-coloured, sable tri-coloured, merle and bi-coloured puppies. Some of our tri-coloured puppies will have more white than others.  Traditional Aussie coloured puppies are very high in demand and harder to breed for that specific colouring. We cannot guarantee colour but we can guarantee that you will have a healthy, wonderful family member. We will only accept pre-birth and pre-selection deposits from families who are flexible with sex/colouring at this time.

What size Aussiedoodle do you breed?
At this time we only breed standard size Aussiedoodles.
We will have mini aussiedoodles in the spring !

How big are standard size Aussiedoodles?
The weight will vary depending on whether they take on the lighter build of the poodle or the lighter build of the Aussie.  Standard size is typically 22"-25" at the shoulder and 45-75lbs. Medium Aussiedoodles are between 18-22" at the shoulder and between 25-40 lbs. We cannot guarantee size or weight because of many different genetic factors.

Our " medium" Aussiedoodles should range between 20-30 lbs. The mother, Willow, is a miniature Australian Shepherd

What does F1 Aussiedoodle mean?
F1 is a first generation Aussiedoodle, meaning an Australian Shepherd Dog bred to a Standard Poodle. The F1 cross is usually the healthiest, as it is the strongest type of hybrid.  A hybrid is in most cases healthier than a purebred dog because you are mixing lines/breeds that are prone to different genetic problems.  Please visit our "Why Doodles" tab on our website for more information on Hybrid Vigor.

What is your price range?
Our Aussiedoodle price range is $2000-3000 based on markings, coat and colour. Our Sheepadoodles range between 1800-2000. Once we have a confirmed pregnancy, we are able to give a price range for that litter.  Puppies will be priced at selection time (5-6 weeks)

( $2800-3000 for traditional or rare merle Aussie  markings)

Are your puppies non-shedding?
We expect most puppies to be low to non-shedding, but cannot guarantee that your puppy will not shed.  F1 puppies are half Australian shepherd, which is a shedding breed.
The furnishing/curl gene that makes the poodle non-shedding is dominant, so we find that the vast majority of F1 puppies are low to non-shedding.

I have allergies to dogs, should i get a doodle?
It is impossible to know for sure that the doodle you adopt is allergy-friendly or no-shed until approximately 7-12 months of age (this is when their adult coat typically grows in). If you have allergy issues we will need to address the “what if” question, before you reserve a puppy. We want all of our puppies to go to forever homes.  If you have life threatening allergies, please do not choose a doodle, as there is no way to know if a puppy will shed dander or hair until it gets its adult coat in between 7-12 months old.

Do you accept deposits and what is your wait list time?

At this time we only accept deposits once we have a confirmed pregnancy and sometimes we will wait until the puppies have been born before accepting deposits. We only accept pre-birth and pre-selection deposits from families who are flexible with colouring and sex at the time. We do not like to have a long wait list because we are a small in-home breeder. Some times we may not produce an anticipated litter, so we like to wait until we have the confirmation to start to accepting deposits. Once we have a confirmed pregnancy we can give families a better idea of what colouring to expect. We understand that some breeders have wait lists up to a couple of years, but we are not a kennel, so we can not guarantee any time frame. Once we have a successful mating then we will start a contact list for that litter. We keep our contact lists updated with news and will notify them once we have a pregnancy confirmation and are accepting deposits. Please email us for timing and we will give you as much information as we can for upcoming litters!

Do you allow visits?  We do not allow pre pickup visits. Please visit our 'Visitation & shipping' tab for more information on why.

Do you health test your dogs?
Yes!  All of our dogs undergo full heath testing before being bred. ​ Health is one of the most important aspects of breeding to us, and we take it very seriously. Please be aware that the Australian Shepherd is prone to many health issues and a short life span. For this reason, it was very important to us to find the RIGHT Australian Shepherds for our program. This has meant that it is more difficult for us to breed for the perfect colouring because tri-coloured poodles with excellent health have been harder to find. We will not compromise health for colour, but we strive for both! We are incredibly proud of our dogs.

Where do I pickup my puppy?
We offer pickup in  Elora, Ontario.  We also offer door to door delivery on an individual basis. We always offer free delivery to the GTA but would be personally doing the delivery, so would have to be flexible.

Will you hold my puppy for me? We will hold puppies up to a week for no extra charge.  Please pass to our next litter if pickup timing does not work for you. A boarding fee will apply if the puppy needs to go home past 9 weeks of age. We recommend "Puppy Imprinting" for any family who needs a puppy to stay longer. Space is limited, please confirm at the time of inquiry.

Where are your puppies raised?
All of our puppies are born and raised in our home!  We set up pens and whelping boxes as needed.

How do you socialize the puppies?
All of our puppies are raised in our home with our family. We sleep next to our puppies until they are ready to move to the puppy nursery room in our home. We also use the Bio Sensor program.

"The U.S. Military in their canine program developed a method that still serves as a guide to what works. In an effort to improve the performance of dogs used for military purposes, a program called "Bio Sensor" was developed. Later, it became known to the public as the "Super Dog" Program. Based on years of research, the military learned that early neurological stimulation exercises could have important and lasting effects. Their studies confirmed that there are specific time periods early in life when neurological stimulation has optimum results." (Breedingbetterdogs.com)

Our puppies are exposed to all of the sounds of a home and a family. They are socialized with my 6 year old and 2 year old niece and 13 year old little brother. We expose them to lots of new situations and sounds to help them adapt better when they leave.

Will you hold my puppy for me?
We will hold puppies up to a week for no extra charge.  Please pass to our next litter if pickup timing does not work for you. A boarding fee will apply if the puppy needs to go home past 9 weeks of age. We recommend "Puppy Imprinting" for any family who needs a puppy to stay longer. Space is limited, please confirm at the time of inquiry. Please visit our "Imprinting" tab for more information.

Why is it important to buy a puppy from registered parents when my puppy will not be be registered?
We breed registered dogs because we want to know our dog's pedigree. Knowing their pedigree and choosing dogs that are not in-bred or line-bred allows us to produce healthy puppies that have more "vigor" (please view our "Why Doodle" tab in our page for more info on hybrid vigor)

What is included in your puppy package?
Our puppy package includes a starter leash and harness, comfort items such as a toy and blanket with the scents from the litter, your guarantee, vet records (your puppy will have first vaccinations and be up to date with de-worming), puppy booklet, food information, and free 6 week puppy insurance.  We ask all families to order food in advance.  Going to a new home is stressful for a puppy and food changes can cause gastric upset in a puppy.  Please visit our food and nutrition tab to order.

How should I transport my new puppy home?
Leaving the litter is scary for a puppy.  A crate, basket or box with a soft bed or blanket can be a safe way to transport your puppy home.  Another great way for your puppy to travel is on the lap of a passenger (or by the feet of a passenger on a dog bed), while using a harness and leash (provided) to be sure that the puppy is safe and secure and does not leap off of a lap.  We know that it is a very exciting time for families with small children, but passing a puppy from lap to lap with excited, loud children can be an extra stressor to an already scared puppy.  We recommend planning in advance for this, and having adults pick up the puppy.

Should I bring my puppy to the pet store?
No!  Please plan in advance and have crates, pens, bowls and beds purchased before your puppy goes home.  Pet stores can be a source of unwanted bacteria and viruses that your new puppy is very susceptible to contracting.

What type of puppy trainer or class should I take my puppy to?
Getting a puppy is a huge decision, and part of the commitment of getting a puppy is putting the time into training your puppy.  Finding the right trainer for you and your puppy involves a lot of research.  Contact trainers and talk to them about their training style.  Choose your trainer based on who you are most comfortable with.  If you are comfortable with them, your puppy will be too.  We recommend finding a trainer who will travel to your home to help your entire family get ready for a puppy coming home.  They can teach you how to introduce your puppy to your home and start your training before your puppy arrives.  Going to a new home is one of the most stressful times in a puppies life, it is very important that the whole family understands this and prepares appropriately.  Puppies are babies.  They speak a different language then you do, so it is imperative that you learn how to communicate with your puppy.

Should I bring my puppy to a dog park for socialization?
Socialization is so important for a new puppy but please avoid dog parks until your puppy has been fully immunized (at 16 weeks old).  Dog parks can be a fun place for dogs, but can also be dangerous to puppies.  We recommend socializing your puppy with known dogs/people in a safe environment.

What do I do if my puppy has loose stool from stress, or treats or food changes?
Any change or stress can upset a puppies tummy.  We recommend always having a can of pure pumpkin purée on hand (pure pumpkin, no fillers) Adding a spoonful into your puppies food each day (2x a day for severe cases) will help to solidify your puppy's stool.

How often should I groom my puppy?
It is important that form the time you take your puppy home that you start to get your puppy familiar with brushing, nail and ear care.  Soft brushing and gentle combing 2-5x a week is a great way to start.  Touching your puppies nails and gently inside of your puppies ears (gentle wiping) is also an importing way to get your puppy familiar with grooming.  Find a groomer that you and your puppy are comfortable with.  Mobile groomers are an excellent way for you and your puppy to get comfortable with grooming in your own home.