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We are a family who LOVES animals! Along with my sister and my parents, we all work together to provide quality puppies.  My sister and I were raised on a Standardbred racehorse breeding farm.  We have not only witnessed many baby horses being born, but we have foaled them ourselves first hand.  Breeding quality animals has been in our family for over 30 years.  My parents are now the Sheepadoodle breeders of the family, my sister, Steff, handles the Bernedoodles and I decided to breed Aussiedoodles (and now St. Berdoodles). We are happy to share contact information with interested families!

We are dedicated to raising and providing healthy and happy, quality doodles.  We believe that the Australian Shepherd and the Standard Poodle are amazing family pets, and by mixing them you get smart, loyal, healthy, and amazing tempered puppies.  At this time we only breed standard size doodles as we believe the Standard Poodle brings a more calm, balanced temperament to the doodle breed.  Temperament is very important to us, as is health! This is why all of our dogs are health tested.

All of the puppies that we produce have great temperaments.  We start socialization with our family from day one and they are introduced to many different stimulus, noises and the "Bio sensor" program to ensure they will be very balanced puppies. All of our Aussiedoodle puppies are born in our living room and raised in our home.  We use bedding pellets and all puppies will go home "litter-box" trained for easier transition.  (Please visit "FAQ" and "How we raise pups" tabs for more info)

All of our breeding dogs are purebred and registered.  That is very important to us, so that you know that there are no hidden breeds in your puppy.  We have done extensive research on the pedigrees of all of our dogs.  Knowing the pedigree of our dogs also allows us to know that there are no close relatives bred into our puppies' lines thus creating better "vigor" in the breed (please view our "Why Doodles" tab to learn more)

All of the parents come from health tested lines and all of our dogs are health tested.  Most importantly all of our dogs are family pets and live indoors with us.  Our puppies and dogs are raised around children, fed top quality food, and given natural supplements, minerals, and most importantly.....LOVE!

Please take a look around our site to learn more about our breeding program.

Visit our Facebook pages to see many happy families and puppies in their forever homes!

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Please only contact us after reading our FAQ tab.

We love to talk with families on the phone, but we ask that you make the initial contact through email and only after reading through our "FAQ", "Puppy Selections", "Shipping" and

"Visitation" tabs on our website. These tabs will answer many questions. 

We are located in Ontario, Canada. Pickup of your new family member is available in Elora, Ontario. We also provide free delivery to the GTA and door to door delivery on an individual basis. 


Yankeedoodle pups

Elora, Ontario N0B 1S0

(519) 362-1517

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"We brought Louie home in July of 2017 and he has been such a breath of fresh air for our family. He's the most affectionate, loving dog. He is always up for anything and loves meeting people and other pups.  Louie LOVES learning new things, so we've kept him in puppy training so he can be challenged and also it's such a fun social time for him.  He has adjusted so well to our lifestyle as we're always in an out of the house.  He's even learned that we like to sleep in on weekends, so he doesn't bother us until we wake up.  Michelle was so great in communicating with us and always updating us on how the puppies were doing after they were born.  She'd send weekly photos and tell us any funny personality traits they were developing.  I highly recommend a Yankeedoodle pup as an amazing new member of the family." -Tammi regarding Louie


Hi Michelle,

Of course you can use us.  I will try to send a better picture tonight.  The first one was taken on Monday at lunch as a testimony of what a good boy he was.  Home all morning un-crated at no mischief!  So far so good...

Maverick is now weighing 55lbs, he continues to be a wonderful addition to our family and makes us laugh everyday!!

He has quite the personality, he huffs if I make him give up a treasure he has found or I insist he comes inside.  Yesterday, he was knocking at the patio door with a toy so that I would come and throw it for him.

He continues to go to training, we are now in level three, which is an introduction to agility.  He loves being off leash and is very quick to pick up on new tasks.  He is definitely a dog who needs to have something to do!  if bored, he will go and find something he shouldn’t have and prance by to get your attention!  

Hope you had a great holiday as well!


Regarding Maverik 

January 21 at 5:32 AM · 

Yankee-doodle pups has given us 2 amazing dogs. The puppies are in fantastic health and very well adjusted.

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